Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Narah videos on You Tube!

These are from the WVU Fall Hafla show November 14, 2009. Thanks Genevieve for recording and posting these! :)

Student Choreography with my student Chris:

Solo to Hassam Ramsey's Eshta:

Solo veil (to the Merciful One by Zohar) and drum solo (to Amaturatsu by Ruben Van Rompey) (exit to Tribal Finale by Sirocco):

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New classes and Rhythms cd recommendation

the performance at Patty's and the WVU Belly Dance club Hafla were awesome!!!

unfortunately, after the workshop/hafla, cold and flu season hit hard here. Took Angelo to a friend's to play during the last Tuesday/WVU CAP class of the cycle. Eric was pretty sick. By Thursday, I was feeling pretty bad and Friday night Eric got sick again. Angelo's had a cold for a while too. Even Dana Doggie got her vaccines on Friday afternoon and was super sleepy. Fortunately, lots of herbal teas, some good sleep and Emergen- C's later, we seem to all be on the mend. Now it's clean up time.

Looks like we got the dates for the next WVU CAP class set up. We start Tuesday, March 9th and end April 20th. No class on March 30th due to WVU's Spring Break! Great news- the 6 week CAP class will be at E. Moore Hall!!! I'm so excited to be back at this beautiful studio!

We will know the schedule for the Northern WV Performing Arts Academy classes the second full week in January. But, due to advertising time and my family schedule, we'll be starting those classes the first week in February. I'll post more as soon as I know more.

I'm considering a workshop on a Saturday in January, topic, TBA.

For my Zil class- Rhythm Rides for Dumbek by David Korup and Billy Woods is the CD I recommended. You can buy it on Billy's website here: Also available there is "Seeds of Time" which is what I originally used to learn rhythms while away from Pennsic, etc. :)