Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Masters of the Macabre

These ATC's are for a swap I'm participating in and just sent out:

As you can guess, the theme of the swap was Masters of the Macabre and of course, I chose Poe as the Master of choice.

Mod Podge papers, vintage paper*, ink, Stickles and a journal stamp and Raven sticker* made up these ATC's.  (*on the second card)

In other news, A has recently changed his mind about what he wants to be for Halloween (or forgotten his original choice), and his new choice is a LOT simpler, so that has freed me up to work a little bit on my Folk Art witch.  Tonight, I sculpted the head- something I'd never done before- and so far so good. It has to dry for a few days.  Next, I'll tackle the hands.  Whether I actually finish it before Halloween or not, I'm not sure, but considering I'm not sure where the book is, I'm impressed I've gotten this far.  I may have to make up the clothing patterns, but all this just means my witch will have a more individual personality- great by me!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Vintage Car Assemblage

Just a peek at the assemblage I made for my friend from way back, Jimmy.  So many of these pieces I found laying on the street or in a parking lot and didn't know exactly what I'd use them in, but now they've found their homes.  

The full details of how I put this together and some more photos will be in my e-course/e-book whenever it comes together.  Baby steps will get it to completion... :)

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Figment Art Festival

We went to this interactive Art Festival last weekend.  Though there weren't as many exhibits or activities as the video in the link shows, there were enough to tire us all out.  What a great concept- to teach children to touch, climb and otherwise participate in an artful experience.  Plenty of costumes and wacky songs, spontaneous dancing and hooping abounded.  
Before doing anything, our water baby had to check out the lake.

Then, to climb on a robot panda.

I painted with a plastic shoe, Mr. Potato Head arm ...

and a dinosaur...

while A swam in a pool of stuffed animals.

A few marks by me and many by others.

The parachute was super fun.  I think the parents helping to move it up and down had as much fun as the kids running in and out, rolling on top and cackling with glee.

I love living here. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Castle and Mermaid Tags

This is a castle themed tag I made for a recent swap.  The background is an acrylic mono print I made with metallic paints on water color paper, stamped with metallic pigment ink.  The stamped castle image (oops, stamp way upstairs and can't remember who made it) is colored with chalks, Prisma pencils, glitter gel pens and glitter glue.  The metal spot at the top is vintage.  Stickles around the border.

Something I rarely do, but am happy with the way it turned out: I added adhesive foam squares for a 3-D pop.

This tag was made for a fairy/fantasy swap.  The background was made the same way as above, but a different stamp was used and it's a vintage button vs. metal spot.  The stamped image is from Enchanted Gallery and was colored with Prisma pencils, chalks and highlighted with Stickles.
I thought I kept the image that showed the details best, but it's a bit blurry at the top.  :/

Next, I'll be able to show you an assemblage I'm working on.  It's close to complete and I'm pretty excited about it.  It's one I've had in my head for a while, so it went together fairly quickly.  A friend really liked an assemblage I made for my Dad and requested a piece of mine for his gallery of local artists, so it is loosely based on that one, but has its own distinct theme and details.  

A pile of fabric has arrived for some Fall sewing projects- all for Angelo.  I'm hoping the fact that I won't be able to use the sewing books for him next year (his current size is the largest in the books) will motivate me to get on that ASAP.  That and the fact that Halloween month is already here and the boy needs his costume!!

Hope you are enjoying the creative energy that comes with the season!!