Monday, May 20, 2013

Poetry by Book Titles

These remind me of all the fun I had with magnetic poetry:  here

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby is here!

My Fairy Girl arrived 3 weeks ago Monday!!  We are so glad she is here and just adore her.  Big brother is wonderful with her and so helpful around the house.

Obviously, there are a lot of details to fill in, but I'm typing one handed as Serafina ("Little Fire") sleeps on me. :)

This pin shows ways to stimulate your 0-3 month old for those brief periods she/he is awake. Given that I find pouring a bowl of cereal difficult, I was only going to try to get out Angelo's baby mirror (ok, try to convince Angelo to get it out of his room)... like I'd already planned on doing for weeks anyway.  The high contrast prints are "old news" to me too and I only bring them up to point out that my girl was highly interested in the butterfly printed receiving blanket I had folded up next to the wall on her changing table, the rather low contrast print on the couch and the face on the lady bug pillow pet on top of the couch.  None of these things did I put up with the intention of getting her attention; she just naturally noticed and found them interesting.  My point is not to criticize this blog post, but to make sure I and no one else feels like an underachiever for not stimulating their newborn enough and to just use the information to be aware of what new babies are interested in and use what's convenient at the time... because it's already tough getting enough food, water, and if you're lucky, a shower at this point, right?  Oh, and you may get lucky like I did and happen to find an older sibling's finger puppet on the floor for him to entertain your littlest while you change her diaper.

Also, I chose this pin because I still haven't done anything about the "no more free photo storage" thing, and I can embed pins. ;-)  Remember you can follow me on Pinterest and Facebook (where my profile pic is of the littlest one and me.)

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