Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Masters of the Macabre

These ATC's are for a swap I'm participating in and just sent out:

As you can guess, the theme of the swap was Masters of the Macabre and of course, I chose Poe as the Master of choice.

Mod Podge papers, vintage paper*, ink, Stickles and a journal stamp and Raven sticker* made up these ATC's.  (*on the second card)

In other news, A has recently changed his mind about what he wants to be for Halloween (or forgotten his original choice), and his new choice is a LOT simpler, so that has freed me up to work a little bit on my Folk Art witch.  Tonight, I sculpted the head- something I'd never done before- and so far so good. It has to dry for a few days.  Next, I'll tackle the hands.  Whether I actually finish it before Halloween or not, I'm not sure, but considering I'm not sure where the book is, I'm impressed I've gotten this far.  I may have to make up the clothing patterns, but all this just means my witch will have a more individual personality- great by me!

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