Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Belly Dance Classes with Narah!

*New Beginner classes begin the first week of February at the Northern WV Performing Arts Academy off of Greenbag Rd. Day/time/duration TBA when the studio finalizes its new schedule the second week of January.

Register with the Northern WV Performing Arts Academy
950 Parkway Dr., Morgantown; (304) 292-3119;

*Beginning March 9th, a beginner class will begin through the WVU Creative Arts Program. See for registration info.; 7:00 - 8:00 PM Tuesdays in the beautiful E. Moore Hall dance studio, WVU's downtown campus.

Students can register by mail (Community Arts Program/ West Virginia University/ Room 401A College of Creative Arts/ Morgantown, WV 26506-6111), by fax (304-293-7491), or in person (room 401 A at the Creative Arts Center).

For registration questions for the classes beginning March 9th, email or call (304) 293-4841 x 3168.

Participants in this class will learn basic posture and fundamental technique of the ancient art of belly dance. Each class begins with a yoga warm-up and continues with a fun and thorough breakdown of basic movements, which set the foundation for this beautiful and empowering art form. Narah will often guide students through a series of movements and combinations, keeping the energy up and teaching them how all the basic movements make a dance. No experience necessary!

The next Continuing Belly Dance class will be studying American Tribal Style vocabulary and concepts.

American Tribal Style Belly Dance is hallmarked by a system of cues and signals that dancers can use to improvise a performance together. The system is called Improvisational Choreography. The creator of this style, Carolena Niriccio, developed a specific set of movements and stylizations that worked with Improvisational Choreography. Besides being a very grounding, Zen experience, the style/system allows Belly Dancers to increase their dance vocabulary and learn one way to put movements together in a dance. Even if you never plan on performing this style or to dance with other people, you will still have valuable tools in your "dance basket". Learn more about ATS here:

The new class is starting the first week of February (exact time/day/duration TBA when the studio finalizes its schedule the second week in January)

Qualified new students may join the class at this time. Prerequisites: Students must have completed a minimum of one complete (no missed classes) 6 week beginner's session. If a student has only completed one beginner session, she must take the beginner's session along with the continuing session.

Register with the Northern WV Performing Arts Academy-
950 Parkway Dr., Morgantown; (304) 292-3119;

Also in the works: a drum choreography workshop and a sewing workshop/class series! Stay tuned for details!! - visit my website for articles, costuming information, online videos, DVD's, Belly Dance tees and more! - Join my Fan page for concise updates, discussions and more!


  1. Narah is amazing. She will teach you the fundamentals you need as a beginner to become a great dancer. As you progress, you will see how vital these basic skills are to becoming a strong dancer. She has had extensive training, not to mention years of practice and performing supporting her. Alot of "instructors" are hardly qualified. Do your homework. Belly dance is an art form and deserves the respect and attention any other type of dance has. Think of someone trying to teach ballet after taking classes for one year. I want more for my money and time. Narah has put in time, effort, heart and soul. She has passion for what she does and inspires her students to be just as passionate about the dancing as she is. Much respect for her!