Sunday, September 19, 2010

OK, Let's Try this Agian

So, you know when I said there was nothing major to report on the detox? Well, that nothing major was a headache and neck and shoulder soreness and it quickly turned into something major. I'm very sorry to say that I'm more of an example of what not to do for a detox than what to do.

Do not:
1. Assume a yoga sequence including sun salutations, many twists and bellows breath is not going to do much to detox. (I'd started this several days before starting the Detox tea.)

2. Assume that when you add lemon juice in hot water and diluted apple cider vinegar it will not do much for your detox efforts.

3. After assuming that your previous efforts were just going to wick off some water weight and do some light cleansing drink wine with guests (or by yourself) over the weekend before beginning or go to a wine festival (even if the samples are small there). Duh!

4. Decide that even though the timing isn't perfect (because your husband and only true support is out of town and you are the only one there to take care of a toddler and doggie) that "you've got to start some time". (It is true that timing does not have to be perfect, but I have to say this was my worst assumption.)

So, I stopped drinking the detox tea after a couple of days. I was cranky, mentally foggy and in pain while I was the only one here taking care of Angelo and Dana. I also had a gig on Saturday and knew I had to be recovered enough to perform. Now, I know what will work for me and what won't and am starting over today.

So, if you're going to detox after a long period of time,

1. Assume your efforts will release plenty of toxins.

2. Make sure you have support in your efforts (if not your partner, then your friends, neighbors, extended family)

3. Eat plenty of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, drink a lot of water and avoid processed foods. Yoga Journal has a 3 day detox diet here: And more detox advice, as well as poses to incorporate here:

4. Find ways to relax as much as possible. Yoga is a great way to break a sweat (detoxifying in itself), help the detox process, as well as relax.

5. Know that your efforts will be rewarded by feeling lighter, cleaner and clearer in mind, body and spirit.

One of the ways I'm relaxing is editing some photos for collage sheets! I have several ready to go and am scanning more photos to have even more done and posted by tomorrow, ready to purchase. I'll be changing the Halloween art kit page, linked to the right to the collage sheet page. The Halloween art kit will be there, as well as Vintage/Antique girls, boys, babies, toddlers, ladies, gentlemen, mother and child, couples and whatever other categories I come up with from my collection. :)

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