Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crayon Cupcakes

I posted these pictures on Face Book also. Anyone who commented on them digitally or in person assumed I made them for Angelo, which makes sense, especially since we've been doing a lot of projects recently. However, they are for me and my mixed media art! :) Melt them on a craft/travel iron (no holes) and then smear on card stock to create a background! (Wipe off while hot to clean iron.)

Angelo did help me with them. He peeled off the papers and broke some of the crayons for me. I'm surprised we didn't have enough already broken to use, so i guess we'll have to color a lot more! :) And Angelo will get his own too, don't worry. :)

Cut apart disposable muffin tin (you'll be able to use multiple times), round corners (especially if little ones are helping), put broken crayons and glitter in tins. Avoid putting all 3 primary colors together or you'll get some muddiness.

Pre-heat oven to 250 degrees. Put tins on cookie sheet and into oven. Let melt about 10-12 minutes. Do not move the tins and let cool in the oven. Pop out and you get these cool crayon cupcakes! I'm sure Angelo will love playing with his once I make him some too. :) I'm going to use mine at the Art Retreat!!!! I'm so excited!!! :)

Angelo got his own set!  He liked cutting them apart with his plastic Melissa and Doug scissors and the cut edge made a really cool surface to color with. :)

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