Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Report

Well, I won't go into all that I've been up to for the last couple weeks, but I thought I'd tell you some of what I did before breakfast today:
1. Let doggie out
2. Got doggie water
3. Got myself water
4. Got Angelo food
5. Built a castle (out of blocks)
6. Repaired a train track (made of wood)
7. Looked for "James" (who is still eluding us)
8. Did some yoga while Angelo climbed on me and asked me to read to him, look for wheels to a train, etc.
9. Read "Go Dog Go" to Angelo
10. Read instructions for Dr. Levine's Ultimate Weight Loss Formula online since I asked they not send me the printed version.
11. Opened said formula to find printed directions.
12. Started coffee.
13.Posted to Blog.

This is a fairly typical morning for me, though lately, you can sadly reduce or eliminate the amount of yoga I do and it's one of many reasons for Dr. Levine making an appearance in my life. (Another is so I can find jeans that fit in _any_ size. My current shape is just not working for that as far as I can tell and I don't want to torture myself trying to find any anymore.) So, I'm glad I got some yoga in today and I think I'm going to try to do some Belly Dance DVD's/ drills/free weights at the gym once Eric gets back from Charleston Friday. Most days, the classes are over in the aerobics room by 6:30. Was killing myself to get to Zumba, but 5:30 when nap goes late and the gym is 20 minutes away with no traffic (and fighting traffic at 5:00 is ridiculous) is so stressful. Does the hour of Zumba make up for the stress getting there and the time it takes out of my evening that is so short anyway? Lately, I guess not. :P Would be nice if it weren't so distracting to exercise here in the morning (or evening for that matter), but such is life with a toddler. I'd also like to figure out a way to work in a tricycle ride/doggie and Mommy walk in when the weather isn't terrible. Now, to make it all happen...

I've started on some projects for the Puppy: a super cute and sweet doggie travel bag for Christmas and a scrapbook because my sister got me a super cute album that goes so well with the super cute paper I got recently. I figure I buy the supplies often enough that I might actually want to complete an album. I've made a complete one for my step daughter years ago, one that was mostly complete for my husband for our 2nd anniversary (we just celebrated our 10th) and a handful of pages for Angelo, the pups and our beach trip we took recently. I'm trying to marry some art techniques and scrap booking because while I enjoy the idea of creating something that celebrates and records the memories of my family, I kind of look at it as another task I have to complete. :( I'm trying to make it more fun and less of a struggle for myself. I'll admit that saying that makes me feel like a bad mom and that I have to get over it.

OK, this is going long. Will post some Halloween art another time. :)

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