Monday, September 24, 2012

Glamor Girls in Jewel Tones

This is a piece I did in my 4 x 4 art journal.  The first couple layers were made with brushes that had a little paint left over and needed used up somewhere.  Then, I sprayed some mica ink, added an Art Chix image, some paper from the Mod Podge "Podgable Papers", a couple paper flowers, some iridescent ink over the paper and flowers and some fiber from novelty yarn.  The edges are inked with metallic pigment ink.

Thought I'd show it next to the initial layers of the background next to it (sprayed mica ink), just because I liked it.

This is a spread I did in a new altered book- another themeless one since the themed ones can end up too much like work or at least make me obsess over what I can do in the theme and I lose sleep.  The first layer is "Broken China" Distress Stain (Ranger), followed by some "classic teal" Claudine Helmuth paint (nice stuff).  Then, I added some dictionary page pieces, another Art Chix Glamor Girl, some mica ink spray, drops of iridescent ink, Stickles and novelty yarn.  It isn't finished.  I have a few ideas about where I want it to go, but it will be what it will be.

Beginnings of a background: some "classic teal" paint and a couple colors of mica ink spray.

Another background beginning: bubble wrap stamped "classic teal", some sprayed and some swiped mica ink.

It felt good to get back into making things with no goal or "purpose" other than feeling good.  

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