Thursday, April 18, 2013

Art Journaling Pages

I've been doing some art journaling lately- all downstairs away from my studio because I'm tired and need to keep my feet up often to avoid water balloon feet.  It's a lot of doodling on pre-painted backgrounds, but I did get some new backgrounds made using Angelo's watercolors (they're actually high quality paints you have to mix), some water color pencils from his Faber Castell Modern Masterpieces kit and his Crayola marker air brush.  Not that you can see any of these right now because I've not put most of the pics on my computer.  There is this one that I got going before the swelling got too bad... and this one too.  Since I can't really show you more right now, I thought I'd share this interesting slide show of Orly Avineri's work.  Enjoy!

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