Saturday, August 17, 2013

One blog ending, New ones Beginning!

Hello All!
I hope you are still around here somewhere. :)  I've finally decided that I would just start another blog instead of posting here and linking/embedding pictures and video.  Actually, I've decided to start 2, maybe 3 blogs and try to focus my topics in different blogs.  The one that is already set up is a belly dance blog and the first post is published.  Please join me there!

I may also start one for just artwork.  Definitely, I'm starting another for my latest calling for focus: Tarot and Reiki.  Currently I am finishing up my homework to complete Doreen Virtue's Advance Angel Card Readers class.  Tarot has interested me for years and have a few decks, but this class really called to me and I have learned a lot.  Soon, I'll be offering readings!  The longest reading will be 30 minutes until baby can be away from Mama for longer. ;) But, I promise you will get a lot in that 30 minutes and it will be so worth it! :)  Also currently, I have decided to offer distance Reiki!! You can paypal me with the details of your concern to vinegar and glitter (at) gmail (dot) com.  It is $30 for 20 minutes of Reiki and an email summary of the experience.

Lately, it's felt like I'm "coming out of the spiritual closet" as I tell others about my abilities.  Though I may have mentioned Reiki here before, I have not mentioned that I am an Empath. This means I can feel and take on others' energy as my own to transmute it.  It may be physical pain, but most often it is emotional.  Instead of just not talking about it because I've felt that no one would understand, I've decided to fully own these abilities and use them in my healing work.  They will truly enhanced my Reiki healing and insights into Tarot readings.

This blog will be posted to momentarily:

Please check out the new blogs, follow and share! I will post here when there are new posts on these blogs and when the new ones are created.  Thank you so much for spending your time here and sharing my space!


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