Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beginner Bely Dance Session starting Sept. 8th is full, but sign up for the next one starting immediately after.

the upcoming Beginner Belly Dance session is full, but we've added another session that starts October 20th and runs to November 17th. So sorry if you tried signing up and couldn't get in. There are 22 people in the class right now and that's the max we can fit in that room. Be sure to sign up for the next session soon so you don't miss out.

Upcoming performances and events I'll be at:

Oct. 2nd Arts Walk, Morgantown, WV (performance)
Oct. 3rd Sadiqa hosts student and teacher Belly Dance show at the Union Project, Shimmy 4, Pittsburgh, PA (performance)
Oct. 8-11th TribOriginal Asheville, NC
Nov. 8th Patty's Art Spot's One Year Anniversary party (performance)
Nov. 14th WVU Belly Dance club hosts workshop with me (probably layers) and hafla with performances that evening

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