Monday, September 21, 2009

Upcoming Super casual Haflas (Belly Dance Parties)

tonight at the wvu belly dance club meeting, we talked about a possible super low key Halloween hafla (party). Maybe some performances, definitely some party dancing, come in costume (Halloween, belly dance, or the super best- combination of the two) if you like. we'd reserve a university room so it would be free. October 23rd through October 25th are good possibilities. I suggest picking either the 23rd, a friday or the 25th, a sunday so it doesn't interfere with any other plans you may have leading up to the best holiday ever. (IMHO, of course ;-) )

Also, we need to know know what Sunday afternoon is good for people to get together for a super casual belly dance picnic at Chestnut Ridge Park (off the Cooper's Rock exit). We're hoping this will be free, and to just show up at the park with blankets, a dish to share, music (hopefully by drummer, but if not, by boom box), and ourselves in costume or pieces of costume and casual clothes, or pajamas, or any combination of these. We're thinking we'd show up around 3:30 and stay until 7 at the latest (that's when the park's day facilities are available until). It's going to be really low key; just hanging out and belly dancing as we feel like it. I have to check out more details with the park, but we can probably just plop down our blankets and do our thing. There are playgrounds throughout the park and this is intended to be family friendly. Don't worry about a baby sitter. Bring the family and have fun! It's not too many hours in the day, so if you have laundry or studying to do, there are plenty more hours to get that taken care of. Obviously, we want it to be fairly soon so we aren't cold out there. :)

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