Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother's Day Collage for my Mom

This was a collage I did on canvas for my Mom's Mother's Day present. Washed the canvas in rose pink acrylic paint and wiped and dabbed with a paper towel. Used rose Starburst Spray and dabbed large droplets with my finger. Applied "Walnut Stain" Distress ink (Ranger) around edges. Cut the pic from background and adhered with gel medium. Adhered lace and applied "Antique Linen" Distress Ink by Ranger. Added adhesive backed ribbon roses (used gel medium even though they have adhesive. they just didn't seem like they'd stick without it.) Used a journaling stamp to stamp "sweet", cut it out, applied Distress ink to edges and adhered with gel medium. Mom liked it lots. :)

Someone contacted me about doing a tutorial using their products! Sweeeeeeeeet! :) Will post when I get something together and tell you all about it. :)


  1. Is that you??? (Lovely, btw, saw your altered book over the weekend too! Gorgeous!)

  2. How exciting! I was blogging about belly dance art on my blog and wondering who else out there might be as well... even though your artwork today is of bellydancing, I am happy to meet a fellow belly dancing artist ;)

  3. JoAnna, this is my Mom as a little girl. :)

    Wildflower, so nice for me to meet another bellydancing artist too! :) I have a pile of partially finished belly dance themed art and some pieces I have up on my Face Book "stuff I've made" album that reflect my bellydance influence. :) Also have a piece packed away that I never got a pic of. Our house is on the market, so there are things I won't see for a while. :)

  4. Oh, and JoAnna, thanks for the compliment!! So glad you liked my altered book! It is so fun working in! :) Have some new works in in now. :)