Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Horsin' Around

Couldn't resist the cheesy title.  :)

Before diving into the Vision Board full time, Artist Trading Cards were occupying my studio time quite a bit.  Creative play time is high on the docket now and listening to "what I felt like doing most" ended up being small, easy to focus on ATC's.  Only this one is scanned so far, but what it is composed of follows: a bit of Somerset Studio Artist paper, a couple Art Chix images (my precious pet and inchies world?), an Art Chix transparency and "Back in Black" bit, a fabric scrap, some staples and a pencil outlining the images.

More ATC's to follow, and the birthday projects A and I are working on for DH's celebration coming up soon.  The 2nd Vision Board is underway as well as a sewing project.  

Looking forward to teaching my belly dance class tomorrow at the Cultural Trust Educational Center!! 


  1. I love the term Horsin' Around. It is very funny. I must remember to use is more often in my everyday vocabulary. That and rough housing. ha ha

    1. Ha Ha! Yes, I'll have to do that too! :)