Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Versatile Scarf

When was this purchased?  Don't remember.  Where was it purchased? No idea.  Was it a gift?  Perhaps.  Why do I still have it?  Because I love it.  I love the sheen, the texture, the ragged edges, the fact that it is plum (a color that goes with everything according to me).  Oh, and it is versatile, as the title suggests.  See below:
How I wore it to class tonight- opened and pinned to one side.

How I've worn it most days over the last couple + weeks- twisted and wrapped around the front and then crossed at the back of the neck.

My apologies for missing last week.  I'm obsessing on my upcoming workshops  at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts- Altered Books on May 5th and Art Journaling August 18th.  AND DS's Birthday is next week, so I'm sewing too.  You'll see it eventually.  You know how I am. ;)

Have a great week!


  1. I love the colour. I like scarves. So feminine.

    1. I find them to be a great accessory. You can wear so-so colors with plain cuts and really make everything pop with a scarf. :)