Friday, July 6, 2012

The Gift of Art

Hmm... what to give a young girl we've never met before?  A collage pack, of course!  Instinct had to guide me here as I searched through my papers and images, so I was happy to see her birthday cake was covered in animals and her Mom say her favorite color was green (I chose a card made of green handmade paper for her.)  Turns out, as her Mom also told me, that she loves all things artsy and crafty, so yay!  

A Science Center meet up set up by a homeschooler I know turned into a birthday party since the gal knew everyone else going, if you were curious at to how we ended up at a birthday party for someone we didn't know.  In any case, I thought I should explain myself. ;)

I hope your Independence Day was great and that you enjoy your weekend!

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