Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You're Reading the Blog of a Published Artist!

Really!  For real!  This morning, I walked out the door to take Dana on her walk and there it was- a large envelope from Stampington and Company.  Of course, that delayed the walk for a few minutes while I looked for my artwork.  Seeing Edgar Allen Poe on the front of Somerset Studio Magazine, I knew which piece it was, but seeing it there on the actual magazine page was something I just had to do!

It's very interesting to me that this is the first official art magazine I'm in when Halloween mania is in full swing 'round here (and never officially goes away).  How could I not enter this challenge, though?  Edgar Allen Poe!!  I'm a fan. :)

This issue isn't available on newsstands yet, but when the September/October Somerset Studio magazine is out, be sure to pick up a copy!

The middle image to the far right is mine!  Yep, right there on a magazine page!

And because it's hard to read my name (My Name!) and the description due to the spine, here's a close up.

This is my original scan of the art before I sent it off.  If you know Poe, then you'll understand the words.  :)  BTW, I would be flattered if someone shared this, but please credit the original source and note that others should do the same.  Thanks!

I do realize I'm being a bit of a geek about this, and I am perfectly ok with that. ;)

So, the news about the magazine was this morning and then this afternoon I found out that we have enough people registered for my Art Journaling workshop to hold it!!  There are still spaces left, so if you'd like to take a workshop with a published artist, be sure to sign up!! :D

I am overwhelmedly grateful. :) 


  1. Congratulations to you! How cool is that?!

  2. Congratulations!! It's so very rewarding to have your work recognized. Great job!!

  3. Eeeeee! I just looked on their website and the very page my artwork is on is the first preview page!!! OMG!!!