Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art Projects -catch up post

If I list all the reasons I've not been keeping up with posting about my art projects, I probably won't be able to complete this post. :) So, in between re-filling the bubble solution, I'll post links to pics I've uploaded to FaceBook. The descriptions will be with the pictures.

Here are my mobile uploads, which contain collages, boxes and some things I made for Angelo's Easter Basket.

Here is an album I started called "stuff I've made". I've excluded a few cards because I'd like to make some prints available. I haven't taken pictures of any belly dancing costumes; I suppose because that's such an ordinary part of my life that I haven't considered sharing them as "art work". But, you'll see those in my performance pictures or maybe I'll add them later.

Please respect my rights as an artist and do not use the pictures or designs without permission. Art work is automatically copyrighted by the original artist. Thank you! :)

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