Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, Funky Tuesday

First, some Angelo cuteness to report- he waved good night to the monsters in the closet last night! :) In other Toddler wackiness- he figured out how to climb the shelves in the refrigerator to get into the freezer for leftover birthday cake!! He was still balancing the cake with one hand when he brought it to us to get him some cake!!! I am amazed and scared at the same time about this new feat.

Funky weather today- not terribly dark, but rainy and a lot of barometric pressure. It make me brain wobble! Weather, high pollen count, etc. have been contributing to general weirdness in classes the last two weeks, at least it is definitely true on my end and we had a concensus in the continuing class last week. Hopefully my new music will help shake us out of it- pun not intended, but appreciated. ;-)

going to practice my set for the WVU Hafla after class in E. Moore Hall tonight since the contractors are working inside today. Will give me a chance to really swing the cane without worrying about hitting my children!!

I've started my art project for the Somerset Studio Halloween challenge. It is going just fine and not much left to do. Feels strange. I'm sure I'll find more to add. I'm liking it a lot so far and have picked out some more vintage Halloween images to make more "stuff" with. Wouldn't it be cool if I got all manic and finished them all tonight! :) The second two would be simple also... Spring has given me a lot more creative energy and motivation, can you tell? I always have plenty of ideas, but am distracted by things like laundry and cooking and organizing belly dance events. Right now, I'm just super motivated to MAKE STUFF! :-) I seem to always want to make stuff, but it seems more of a need right now.

Time to get ready for nap time!

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