Monday, April 12, 2010

Feeling Wonderful :)

Yesterday, I got lots of art time. More than I normally get at one time. I even started with a trip to the book store and Michael's just to get out of the house. I spent all this art time on one project. One glorious project that I'm so excited about I want to dance. (and I did this morning, but more on that in a minute.) I haven't taken pictures of it because I'm going to be _wearing_ it this weekend at the WVU Spring Hafla. We are celebrating Earth Day by wearing costume pieces made from recycled or re-used materials. I've already deconstructed a skirt I wore in High School and made it into a panel skirt and this mystery project that I made yesterday includes a hand-rolled string/tie from a choli, which used to be a sari. :) I also used some fabric from this choli in a fabric collage last week. It's better that way and I don't have to worry about what to do with it. Beautiful fabric, just not on me. So, this mystery project is a mixed media piece. If you'd like to see it in person, come to the WVU Hafla on Saturday! Show starts at 7:30pm and you get to see bellydancing!!

I also scanned and submitted my Halloween projects to Cloth Paper Scissors last night- ok, technically very early this morning. I'm feeling brave and will be thrilled if they publish my pieces (and mildly crushed if they don't, but let's not focus on that). If Somerset Studio will accept my digital submission of a piece, I think I'll try to get something together to meet their April 15th deadline. Just saw that this morning. :( But, they are calling for something "timeless and elegant" in the vintage Halloween genre. That sounds like less time adding creepy layers to me. Maybe something small like a card...

Then, this morning, I had such a great practice with my little one running around! I didn't pressure myself to have the world's most efficient warm up and then Angelo was excited and dancing with me rather than wanting me to hold him while I danced. I think it's a great sign that he enjoyed the songs so much! :) Hope you can make it to enjoy them with me this weekend at the WVU Hafla! (I'm also teaching a props workshop during the day- veil, cane and basket. So fun!! I've extended the early discount pricing for a couple days, so you can get to the pay pal button here.

Hope you are feeling wonderful too! :)

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