Saturday, January 15, 2011


I had an exciting adventure today. I made three stops while I was out and about and did not use the GPS!! I didn't get lost, either! I did look up directions to the library, but I was familiar enough with the route that I trusted my brain to get me there. :)

My first stop was to The Coffee Tree, a local coffee shop in our neighborhood. The coffee is even locally roasted! :D I decided I would treat myself and actually get out of the house. I haven't bought a latte in a long time, so I decided I would stop on my route to Good Will. I know it sounds really silly, but I was kind of impressed that I wasn't intimidated by not finding parking out front. I calmly turned the corner, used the elementary school parking lot (it's Saturday) and walked to the Coffee Tree. I remember meeting our Realtor there to look for houses on our second day and being very confused about where we'd come from and how it related to the houses we'd already seen. But, now it's a familiar route. So nice...

At Good Will, I dropped off some "things" I never want to see again. And then went inside to find some clothes for Angelo and hopefully some shelves. No shelves, but I have to congratulate myself on having the patience to look through the whole 45' of children's clothing to find the only two pairs of 3T pants in the place. I also found some warm long sleeved shirts for him and some adorable _brand_new_ baby clothes for my nephew Harlan, who will be born in April!! I'm so excited about Harlan joining us in the world. My baby sister was my living doll (I taught her to say she was "Sissy's baby"). I was 10 when she was born. But, I digress... I also bought these awesome boots and a pair of adorable high heeled shoes (which need a strap replaced, so I'll photograph them later). The shoes were $4/pair! I have not worn heels since the very low heeled dyeable satin shoes I wore to prom, but I've lately somehow not felt like my motorcycle boots are always my favorite option. It's probably because I've been out more in the last month than the last 8 and I have wanted to look and feel more feminine. The total price tag for the pile of kid clothes (many still with tags or in such good condition, you'd expect them to have tags) and both pair of shoes- $25! Really! Score!!! See boots in the pic above.

My next stop was the library. I forgot proof of residence, so I couldn't get my card, but I totally geeked out on the huge selection. Took pictures so I could navigate my way around the shelves I wanted to re-visit when I remember the cable bill. Hopefully that will be tomorrow. And Then! I decided to go ahead and go to the Book Cellar sale, even though I have sooo many books already. But, I'm addicted. And it turns out i saved these books! And they were free!! I went down 45 minutes before the sale was over and they said the books, that were $0.25 a few hours earlier were all free! After the sale, they were all going to be recycled. If I hadn't been so hungry, I would've gone back for another load of books because I have many uses for them, even if I don't read them. I'm hoping when I go back tomorrow that they will still give me another pile. I'm feeling bad for the books that could be re-used instead of recycled. :( See beautiful old books in pic above.

Thanks for reading about my adventure. Please comment below! I know you're reading that way! :)


  1. Brave girl! (i mean for wearing high heels)

    Mavi k.

  2. I've recently discovered that I can search the library catalog and put books on hold for myself ONLINE. It is the coolest thing ever. Then I go in and the books I want (mostly craft stuff) are on a shelf with my name on them so I can grab and go. Totally impossible to search the shelves with Bella, so it is perfect. :D

    So glad you are so happy!

  3. I am SO glad that you're getting comfortable in the neighborhood and really enjoying it! *HUGS*

  4. LOL! I thanks, Megan! I've been "practicing" wearing them in the house. It's weird because I'm taller than Tristen wearing the heels. I'll definitely only wear them out for short periods. They hurt! Not very healthy either... If they aren't tolerable, they were only $4 each, so someone else can have them. :)

    JoAnna, I got my library card today and brought home too many books, of course. I'm next in line for Wee Wonderfuls!! And Amy Karol's Bend the Rules with Fabric was there!! I also discovered I can reserve online and otherwise manage my library account- so cool!!! Thank you, I feel like it's kind of dream like right now. :)

    Annie, thank you, I'm very happy. I am loving it and I know there's so much left to explore! :D Going to Maria's class Tuesday?? I will! :)