Thursday, January 6, 2011

Art Full Life

I am pretty sure someone has that blog name out there. All the good ones are taken. But, this isn't about my blog name, it is about what is building here for me. Oh, I made art, sewed, belly danced, taught belly dance, and tried incorporating as much creative activity into Angelo's activities before, but now ... now it is different.

Now, I am getting to _take_ belly dance classes with Maria Hamer, a friend of mine of the Zafira Dance Company. I was nervous about starting classes after not having had the opportunity to take a weekly class for so, so long... more than a decade. (I was also nervous about the drive over, but that's part of living in a new, big city.) But, it felt so good to dance and know I was going to see friends, and so good afterwards to have worked so hard in even a beginner class!! It felt so good knowing I'd be back the next day for her belly dance workout class, which was _completely_ awesome! Both nights, I was entirely overwhelmed with happiness! I was struck with the realization that I've wanted to be a _part_ of a community again for so long and to just participate and enjoy the dance. I in no way intend to offend anyone from the communities I helped form previously. I learned so much in that process and met wonderful people. However, it is a much different experience not having the weight of all that responsibility on your shoulders. I have simplified, just as I set out to do. I have radically simplified- a very Scorpio thing to do- and now I can *be*. I feel like I am, for now and in the foreseeable future done with any ambitions or goals other than to enjoy belly dancing. It has been so wonderful to be able to go to a performance or class [that I've taken] and then only drive 20 minutes home. Not 90 minutes late at night after having spent 90 minutes to 2 hours getting there, spending all day dancing and figuring out how I'm going to get food, etc. Twenty minutes! Easy peasy. Wow! I feel so blessed!!! Not just for the convenience of it, either. My friend Maria is an amazingly talented and dedicated individual, kind and a wonderful teacher. Oh, and world famous. That too. :)

On Sunday, I did drive an hour and a half to do a paid gig in Farmington, PA. But, it has allowed me to be able to pay for belly dance classes and buy some museum memberships. So, belly dance can still pay some bills. :)

Angelo has been enjoying much more creative activity too. He is loving the "book and card/toy room", as he calls it. It is his room that he will one day sleep in, and for now serves as a play room. His easel with chalkboard is set up with side walk chalk, his table is set up with stickers and paper in his room. The dining room is a secondary playroom as well since, as we Moms know, most of the day revolves around food in one way or another. He has his play dough, crayons and paper roll always out on the table and voluntarily goes to these over and over. We have also had more coloring/drawing/reading time due to the house being set up so much better than the other. (The laundry room and a bathroom are _right_off the kitchen. And the kitchen- I never knew what a difference a good set up could make. *Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Universe!!!*)

As if that weren't enough, I've made some mixed media collages lately too. Did I mention how the new, wonderful house-that-I-love functions so much better than the other house? Or was that just on Face Book? So all that better functioning allows our days to flow better and I've pulled down some simple supplies to keep in the kitchen so I can set up food and water for the kids, do a step for art, put in some laundry, do a step for art, fix my own breakfast, do a step, etc. And here is what I've completed so far. If you look closely, you'll see some old Trig homework of mine I found unpacking our "library".

Images from Somerset Studio's clip art and Tim Holtz stamps.

Images from Tim Holtz stamps, Art Chix Studio (My Gypsy Heart) and Somerset Studio's and clip art. Got the idea to make the fabric flower from Shona's post on Green Craft magazine.

Images from Art Chix Studio (My Gypsy Heart) and Somerset Studio's artists' papers and clip art.

Images from Somerset Studio's artists' papers and clip art.

We are even still unpacking since we moved only 3 weeks ago. What a good move! Here's to hoping your days are Art Filled also!!!


  1. I am so glad that you are getting the chance to be a student again. You were a wonderful creative force for belly dancing in WV! Thank you. Now it is time for you to use that wonderful energy to renew you!

  2. Thank you, Kali! It especially means a lot coming from you! love ya!! oxoxo!