Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Settling Back In

Angelo, Dana and I returned from Charleston last night. I taught a workshop there Sunday and it was lots of fun!! I found this when I was unloading the car. It was supposed to be a stocking stuffer, but since we moved in a week before Christmas, it got lost in the shuffle. Maybe for the Spring Celebration/Oester basket, then. Just as many of the hand made gifts will be shifted to that basket because my attic space is still not set up.

Though I was sure with all the work I put into the Altered Book workshop, I'd be ready to take a break from mixed media art for at least a couple of days, I just couldn't help but put something together from the things left on the island that I didn't pack up. I'll try scanning and posting that soon. Guess I just can't help myself. :)

I also spent a lot of time cleaning up and trying to re-claim the kitchen after taking over with so many art supplies (all in between running in to see what amazing train thing Angelo wanted to show me and our daily routine). Just for good measure, the dining room and living room got some attention too. I think I needed to feel more settled here again and for Angelo to experience some more order. The trip was confusing for him and I'm sure for Dana too. I packed so much for this trip/workshop (I'm sure it made it look similar to the move) and then we stayed at my in-laws, who are on vacation (moved said stuff into an unoccupied house). He had some trouble adjusting to coming back and leaving Daddy, who had to work in the Charleston office. He was quite upset by us leaving and Daddy staying. Some investigation revealed that he thought Daddy was going to _live_ there and we were going back to live at our new home without him. After a lot of explanation and train track building, he started relaxing a bit, but still asked "we're going to live here again?" before we went to bed. He is also very happy living here, but any change is hard, especially on little ones, no matter how good it is. He is doing quite well now. :)

So, with more order and some good Mama-and-Angelo art projects planned, we are ready to enjoy our wonderful home again.

Also, I enjoyed this post on Shona Cole's blog. :)


  1. I found your blog because I have Reiki as one of my interests and it linked me to your blog.

    The little bunny is so simple and perfect. Does he not belong on a list of perfect things?

    It seems I am also in the midst of organizing but more interesting things call. I go to tidy my art supplies and find myself in the middle of creating a mandala 30 minutes later. In the end, I made the right choice.


  2. Hi Birdy!
    So happy you found me and are joining us! :) Thank you, I'm happy you enjoy the bunny so much- I made him while we were packing up for the move, a maddening process, and found the hand work so soothing. :) I'm going to be posting some pictures of all the stuff, well most of it, I'll be organizing over the next ??? since the move and other life has only now allowed me to paint the attic/my future creative space. This initial organizing will be followed by many more, of course, and I have the same affliction. I was delayed coming up to paint more by preparing a journal to alter. :)
    Thanks for commenting and for joining us! :)