Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pom Pom Smoothies

I was over at the Pink and Green Mama blog and saw this cute kids' craft on making Pom Pom Milkshakes. She uses the caps from spray on sunscreen, but we had some apple sauce containers that I thought would work nicely. Though she recommended either hot gluing or letting the "straw" dry completely against the cup, I thought I'd experiment with the last one and just put the pom poms in securely around the straw. It worked just fine. We called ours smoothies since we aren't really milkshake people. Mine was a strawberry smoothie with blueberry toppings. Angelo was excited to have such big yummy blueberries in his multi-colored smoothie. This was fun, used up some of those versatile pom poms and also snuck in some fine motor activity and nutritional education.

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