Monday, October 24, 2011

3 Witches for the Price of 1

Maybe I'm obsessed.  Here are more witches for your Halloween count down.  Have I mentioned my digital camera bit it?  Yep, so all these and other recent photos have been taken with my iPhone.  You can click on the pics to get a better look.

Those of you in Pittsburgh come to the Mt. Lebanon Halloween parade on Saturday!! The family, some friends and I are going to be in it!  Just decided today, so gotta get on making a banner and such.  

In other seemingly unrelated news, Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts is a book that I really enjoyed.  She's really taken flight herself and it's very inspiring to this gal who's getting more into this art biz thing.  Her post, Telling the Truth, helped me remember that trying new things can make you feel a bit ungrounded, but that "ice water running through your body" feeling is really pretty normal.  She has a ton of posts, so enjoy them! :)

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