Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Witch Link

Thought I'd try using a "Not Martha" method and keep track of some favorite links here on the blog.  Funnily, it is a "Martha" link.  :)

This is for making a Witch/Wizard hat:

Angelo's costume is made and I hope to get some pictures/video at tomorrow's Halloween parade.  Right now it is pouring, so I'm crossing my fingers for at least a break for the parade.  His trick-or-treat bag is also made- if only everything I made were that simple and satisfying.  Pictures to follow.

The material for my costume is mostly ironed.  Apparently, I shouldn't run the space heater and iron at the same time in the attic.  DH has switched the breaker back on (I avoid the basement if at all possible due to a mold allergy... it's really pretty under control, but just in case), but I took it as a sign to get back downstairs and get things set up for the morning, including print flyers for the next Mixed Media Collage workshop I'm teaching at Sterling Yoga: Altered books.

So, those are printed and now I should get some sleep.  'Night!

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