Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catching Up- Handmade Christmas Gifts

"Race car" play mat made using "Sewing for Boys"- a wonderful book that will keep me in sewing projects for a long time!! All patterns are included: no need to enlarge, but you will need to trace them, often taping pieces of tracing paper together so it's big enough. This came together fairly quickly since I used all felt.  The felt is wool or wool blend, so it has a nice feel.  The colored pieces came from A Child's Dream Come True.

The wooden cars are from this Etsy shop.

Thomas back pack made with fabric from and pattern/instructions from "Oliver + S Little Things to Sew".  This book is Adorable!!!  This project in particular was fairly long and detailed, but well worth it.

A puppet theater made from instructions in "Bend the Rules Sewing".  All the fabric came from JoAnn's.
This cute airplane puppet (and a royal family, doggie included plus pirate) were bought at Handmade Arcade.  The lady has an Etsy store, but after looking through 37 pages of puppets, I couldn't find the store. :(  But, they are adorable, so hopefully I'll find her card.

We are on to making Valentine's day cards and I've yet to show you what we made for DH's b-day.  Angelo's birthday projects are also underway.

Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day!!

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