Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Decorator

DS has been quite busy decorating the house for months now.  The paper snowflakes are strategically placed so that the forced air blows them around when the furnace kicks on.  He's used his weight in stickers to decorate "his gallery", Daddy's office, and his tricycle, which is also sufficiently supplied with "head lights" due to his flashlight obsession (attached with tape, which is why one of his stocking stuffers was his own fancy tape dispenser).  When he wished for a Valentine's Day tree to decorate, we happened to have a pile of sticks already collected just because we thought they were cool.  So, into the vase they went and he immediately covered them with left over bits from making Valentine's Day cards.  Valentines he received on Tuesday at a home school gathering are taped to the TV and there are several sculptures hanging around. 

It's so exciting to see his creativity in full action. From decorating to sculpting to drawing to painting to arranging faces from jingle bells and pipe cleaners, there's never a dull moment. :)

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