Saturday, April 11, 2009

Angelo's Easter Bunny

Ha Ha, I didn't think the tail would be first on the picture line up! :)

So, this has to be a fast post, unfortunately, but I'll try to get in all that I want to say. there may be a part II. :) 

I bought a bunch of organic, naturally dyed (or color grown) cotton and cotton stuffing last year after all the crazy toy recalls. I'm into natural stuff anyway, but thought I'd just make him a bunch of toys instead of wondering if they were safe. That, and I thought it would be fun. We do buy from natural toy companies and have found great, safe wooden toys.

The bunny is based off of a "rag doll" that I was first inspired by on Crafters Coast to Coast on DIY.  It is really this doll, minus the hair and clothes, plus ears and a tail. Couldn't find that episode anymore on, but this video also was something I referenced and is basically the same thing.  The differences are that I also drew out a pattern for the ears (pretty basic, not hard to do) and traced a jar or something else round for the tail (I think I used a plate for the head pattern.)  I used a sage and cream gingham for the body/limbs/outer ears/tail and a lush, thick silk for the ear linings. I was going for pattern and texture to make the bunny more interesting.  Pattern and texture are good for developing brains. :)

1. draw pattern
2. cut out material
3, sew up limbs and ears (lined)
4. make the face (I used felt for the eyes and a pink "faux fur" for the nose. they are actually glued. the whiskers and mouth are machine stitched
5. sew on ears. The ears were a little tricky when I had to turn the bunny right side out. I tried pinning them (folded down and pinned in the center of the face) while I sewed them, and that worked well for keeping them out of the seam on the head, but the pin broke and pulled a little hole when I pulled it all through turning  it. Sew the ears on, lining side in, over the face, before sewing the two head/body pieces together.
6. sew head/body pieces together, right sides together
7. turn all pieces right side out
8. clip corners
9. stuff limbs and body/head
10. use a hand basting stitch to gather the circle/tail about 1/2 inch in. knot to secure.  stuff tail and sew across opening a few times. (hand stitch)
11. use a hidden stitch to close up the body and limbs and to attach limbs and tail
12. take pictures and do a happy dance
13. give to little one
14. take more pictures
15. send me those pictures. :)

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