Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Antique Fairy Toddler Journal 1

Whee!!! I'm so excited!! Officially, my first piece of original art (except for my altered digital images) is listed on Etsy!!

copyright 2011 Narah Kimberly A. Minardi All rights reserved.

It was so good for me to focus on making a volume of work with a deadline.  Not only does working with my hands keep me sane, now I have a respectable amount of items to put in my long neglected Etsy shop.

This little one is just so adorable, I had to save the image for just the right time.  Another exciting thing about making these journals (more to come), is that I got to use my new Eco friendly paint.  Having a little guy around means that I eliminated a lot of paint because it did not specifically say "non-toxic".  These Eco-green acrylic paints have to be shaken well and are a little less viscose than I expected, but are so nice to work with.  The colors are a bit different than expected, but with the whole differences in computer screens and there only being a "drawing" of the paint pictured, that's ok with me.  And just because they are different than expected doesn't mean I didn't really love working with them.  This persimmon and copper combo was just wonderful to experience.  The fairy wings are made with a computer print out from a digitally altered scanned piece of wax paper I sprayed with ink.

Anyway, thanks for looking!  I'll be back soon.  That first listing took a long time, but hopefully the rest will go more quickly. :)

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