Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the Backyard

There have been some bright beautiful days outside lately. Someone else planted the flowers, but the I'm responsible for the tomato? plants and the boy. :)

Hope you are enjoying your surroundings as well! Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! :) Your new house/yard looks like it's perfect for you guys! Angelo is getting so big!!! Ahh!! hee hee! :) He's so cute! & I love the giraffe & purple elephant :P Very cool!!

  2. Thank you! :) Yes, it really is perfect for us. Perfect size, most of it level. Right off the deck, which you can see from the kitchen. Smaller than our last one, but so much more usable/accessible. I forgot it's been a bit since you've seen Angelo... but not that long. He just grows and grows! :) He loves the giraffe and elephant too. They've been all over the yard (and lots of other places as you can see by their finishes. :) Mom got him those! He has a zebra that goes with it around here somewhere. :) We both say thank you for the cute comment. :)