Monday, June 13, 2011

Six Mermaids

These are for the latest Art Chix ATC swap. Oil pencil, water colors and Twinkling H2O's make up the background. Art Chix's Classic Nudes are the subjects with my own drawn in/cut out mermaid tails. Shells are from a vintage educational book. Netting is mica sprayed cheese cloth. Other supplies: Stickles, pigment ink, computer generated text, colored pencil.


  1. Again, awesome! I think what I love about them is these women were so far ahead of their time. Their bodies are so beautiful and exquisite. In a time where women covered even their ankles these women dared to flaunt it. I guess we will never know why. Was it poverty and they were forced with no other options? Were they simply wild women of their time?
    I think it is so great and given these women a voice even though they are long since gone. I think it is great that you have let them be art. Good job!

  2. Thank you, Birdie! :) It's interesting that I was working with these ladies in particular. Mailed them out on June 6th, but worked on them for at least a couple of weeks before that. I have been very interested in the 20's lately (more than usual) and a friend of mine, Olivia Kissel, just wrote a FB note on the Flapper's Manifesto. They were feminists, really. They embraced their bodies, their sensuality and new-found freedom. It was quite a revolution having shed the Victorian corsets, etc. :) The night before Olivia posted her note, I'd decided I needed cloche hats and have been contemplating a flapper hair cut for weeks. :)