Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pennsic Camp Fun

 Two days of our Pennsic vacation this year were waaaaay too hot, two were a mix of rain (which cut the heat and made a muddy marsh in our tent) and heat and two days were just about perfect.  Low humidity, bright blue skies.  These are pictures in our camp one of those days.  Yes, you do see couches in our common pavilion (the Big Top).  Those, the disco ball, and the velvet Elvis painting are our camp signatures... at least what most people remember. Part of what we call "ruining your Medieval experience." ;)

See some fun Angelo dance videos here and here.  In the second video, he noted that the disco ball wasn't working.  How can a boy dance with no disco ball action?!  Somehow, he mustered inspiration from elsewhere. :) The water gun was a well-intentioned gift from a camp mate... not something I'd have chosen myself, but I never set any rules with camp mates (having not expected gifts), so I appreciate the sentiment. ;)

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