Friday, August 26, 2011

Pennsic Merchants

The Market Place at Pennsic is one of the busiest places on the whole site.  I've already shared some of the magic that Midnight Madness holds due to the increased number of musicians playing.

Father Dunn's booth, where I've collected most of my belly dance jewelry over the years.  FD fills me in on what's happened at all the festivals I used to go to; it's nice since I don't travel to them anymore.

Hmm... I didn't even get a view of the inside, where lots of loveliness lies. 

My only Pennsic purchase, though I planned on buying nothing.  How could I not come home with this portable Green Tara shrine?  A special find indeed. <3
Our good friends Mike and Sherry Spivey of Renaissance Arts. Most awesome tee shirts at Pennsic!! I stop here regularly for conversations with fellow dog and art loving friends and a little doggie fix (they bring their service dog Brava, a spunky German Shepard). :)

Ocean (right) of Marrakech. I've gotten a lot of mileage from the costuming his wife Elizabeth makes (and he sells), and some wonderful memories from his Midnight Madness parties.  If the conversations weren't louder than the music (from the phone's point of view anyways), I'd share the beautiful, mesmerizing sounds of Michael the Sitar player from this year's party.  Or if there was a way to do justice to the magical stories shared between new friends hours after the party ended, I would.  Let it suffice to say that it was worth the minuscule amount of sleep I got before all the fighters got up and rattled their armor. And Ocean is of course a great host and so nice to chat with.  As you can see on this Thursday afternoon shot, musicians gather there at all hours.  <3

Hmm... this may be the last of the Pennsic shots here.  Not a lot for the 6 days we were there, but more than I usually remember to take.  It was a good balance of fun and taking it easy this year. And I have to say I'm really grateful to be living in a "grown up" camp.  Everyone pitches in, there is a commons tent where people gather, chat, and laugh (mostly while sitting on thrift store couches- not Medieval/Renaissance, but comfy and a source of amusement for most, as is the disco ball and velvet Elvis). Someone cooks breakfast every morning and dinner every evening (with my dietary restrictions, I usually don't get to join them, but I appreciate it all the same). We have a mostly heated camp shower, with a real shower curtain.  Not what you think of when you think camping, yes?  Not everyone's camp is this organized, and  not everyone feels like camp at Pennsic is a family reunion, but I do and that's a big part of why I go through the crazy, manic preparations, and deal with the too-long unpacking/laundry process.   

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