Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beginning the Belly Dance teaching adventure again!

I'm going to be available for private lessons in my home studio in a couple of weeks. (We are in Mt. Lebanon, and there's a bus stop on either side of my house. Two buses go there, Mt. Lebanon and Bower Hill rd. I think 40 and 42, but don't quote me on that.)

I've been feeling the pull to teach again and am inspired to answer that call! 

I have a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy, a certification in Yoga for the Special Child, about 14 or so years of yoga experience, have been belly dancing since 1993 and teaching belly dance since 1997. In recent years, I've added mixed media collage artist to my creative repertoire and it has opened my whole life up to creative possibilities. I've danced in troupes, lead student troupes and danced solo; studied Turkish, Egyptian Cabaret, American Cabaret, American Tribal, Tribal Fusion, and a good dose of various world folk dances. My students appreciate my precise breakdown as well as my ability to get to the heart and soul of the dance. 

I can teach 1-5 people in the home studio, a haven of creativity, as it is housed with my other artistic pursuits. 

A one hour session for one person is $60, and for 2-5 people, it is $45/person per hour.

Topics include technique, history, costuming design, sewing, achieving dance goals, getting the most from your dance, stretching, strengthening, centering, emotional expression, creative vision and bringing that vision to fruition, and more!

I don't have this info up on my website just yet, but you can check out videos, costuming info, historical papers I've written and more 

Email me or give me a call at 304-276-DANCE (still using the WV #, even though we are in Mt. Lebanon now.

Thanks and have a great day!