Monday, September 5, 2011


"Stewart and Jonathan" Vampires
copyright 2010 Narah Kimberly A. Minardi.  All rights reserved.

"Charles" Vampire
copyright 2010 Narah Kimberly A. Minardi. All rights reserved.
This spread is from one of my altered books, which is full of mish mash.  There are several Halloween themed pages in a row.  I was happy that the backgrounds worked for Halloween, even though when I did the backgrounds, they were totally random (I painted at least one color throughout the book all at once.)  There are those who say that altered books "should" never be finished.  None of mine are because I still find things to add to each one, including this first one.  For instance, this card was one I made and didn't send out, so it became a tip-in:

I altered Stewart, Jonathan and Charles in photoshop and they are available on my Halloween Collage Sheet.  :)

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