Saturday, March 14, 2009

Angelo's "Pre-Birthday" Party at the art studio

Today was really fun!!! We had a party for Angelo's birthday at "Our Studio", an art studio here in Morgantown. ( They are a non profit studio that specializes in reducing, re-using and recycling while making art! Angelo and some of his friends got to snack, make puppets, paint, and climb the furniture in the library (after the [all natural] cupcakes, of course).  Eric made the cupcakes from an all natural mix from a company called Pamela's. They are gluten free and so yummy! I put together some "art book" projects for the kids to take home as favors. That was fun! I'll post pictures and descriptions once I get that final picture of the finished project. I had to put one together for Angelo and me to do! :)  I'll also post the party pictures on FaceBook. 
Busy week coming up! Angelo's birthday is on the 17th and family is coming in to celebrate. Then we are going to see Cirque!!! We're also visiting the zoo and aquarium, then back in Morgantown, then to Pittsburgh on Saturday for the Liz Strong workshop and show. Whew! 

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