Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breast Feeding Support Group

so, I finally made it to the Morgantown Breast Feeding Support group!  had to drive around a little to find Euclid Dr. because there was no sign, but we did get there.  Angelo had fun playing with the toys and interacting with the other kids while the Moms talked.  Kristy Clark runs the group and  she opened the discussion asking what our best piece of breast feeding advice would be to new Moms.

Kristy said she would encourage them to learn to nurse laying on your side as soon a possible because it makes such a huge difference in the amount of rest you get, which is so important, especially for recovery. She also said she wished she'd followed someone's advice when they suggested going to a support group while you are still pregnant so you can see people nursing to become more familiar with it.  

Becky Metheny, a doula and mother of 4 said she would recommend getting help/support right away if you run into any problems so you can remedy the situation and continue nursing. She also recommends seeing the lactation consultant at the hospital, even if you aren't having trouble so that if you have trouble later you'll already have spoken to her and not feel so awkward about calling.   

Another Mom (can't remember all the names, sorry. :( ) said she was really encouraged to learn how low the percentage was of women who medically cannot breast feed. 

My advice was that sore nipples do not necessarily mean you are doing something wrong (like positioning or a poor latch on the baby's part), it's just that your nipples aren't used to it.  The best thing I've found for that is Earth Mama Angel Baby's natural nipple butter. It has calendula oil, shea and cocoa butter. ( It isn't stinky and sticky like lanolin and it is animal friendly/ cruelty free.

Another Mom suggested that you surround yourself with as much support as possible: your partner, family, friends, lactation consultants, your doula, etc. 

There is a Face Book group for the Morgantown Breast Feeding Support group:

OK, that's all for now. I had insomnia last night (full moon) and Angelo woke up from his nap early ... now he needs another.  



  1. What a great post! My advice to a new mom - don't give up! The pressure is there from others to supplement with formula or to give up entirely because it's "too hard". Stick with it, seek help and support and believe in what you are doing.

    I am so looking forward to BF baby #2 in a few weeks. I miss it! 2.5 years of BF with Owen. I'm ready :-)

  2. I just started following your blog--my BFF takes your class. Anyways, I wanted to add some advice for new moms---don't be ashamed. I've met so many people who think its gross. And on that note, its not gross to nurse a toddler. I nursed my youngest until her third birthday. New mothers should be assertive with their right to nurse and to nurse as long as they feel necessary.