Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lazy After Class Dinner

It's been such a long day. Up early since Angelo had his usual "flop fest" and we had to get up early for Kindermusik. (We co-sleep and since I had to get up and ready early, I snuck out of bed to shower and dress.) He was up about 9:00 am, which is about an hour and a half early for him. He was in a pretty good mood, but wanted to be held, so I finished the morning routine with him on my hip; not so unusual. He threw a few fits before we got there and I wasn't sure we were actually going to join the class. We eventually made it in and with a few hiccups, he warmed up and mellowed out. It all ended well. Joanna invited us to come over and play and Angelo and Bella had a _great_ play-date. We played outside and inside, ate Annie's mac n' cheese, enjoyed Tramp's lovely doggie company and left so worn out that he fell asleep within 5 minutes of leaving their house. He slept about an hour total in the car. Then Daddy (whose office is right beside the garage) brought him up. He nursed and cuddled for about a half an hour and then played adorably until Daddy was done with work and could play with him while Mommy got ready for work. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and got changed to teach. 

Seemed like there were very few people on campus, comparatively. found a good parking space and got to class in plenty of time. Had a great last class in the series. This has been such a great class!! It's a beautiful studio, there was a large enrollment and the energy has been up every week.  I wish we had a few more weeks in this cycle, especially since I don't have anything set up for the next class.  I've been working on it, but nothing has gelled up; it has been difficult setting up classes in Morgantown in general since I moved back. But, I am sure something will work out soon. In the mean time, it would be a good time for people to set up private lessons and use the instructional DVD. (www.TribalBellyDance.net/classes and TribalBellyDance.net/market)

Eventually, I got home about 9ish and find that Angelo is asleep on Daddy's chest; not suprising given that a "good nap" is 3 to 3 1/2 hours and he'd only slept one. Since I just want to sit and relax, I pull out an Amy's all natural frozen spinach pizza. Then I see that it has feta on it. Great for me and Angelo, bad for Eric, who hates feta. So, I search for other easy, quick options. First I put a box of Quorn Southwest "chick'n" nuggets (only available at Giant Eagle in Morgantown), then I start a box of Near East all natural garlic and olive oil cous cous. I pull out a bag of organic  frozen spinach and throw it in the wok with a little organic olive oil. When it's almost done, I throw in a couple fork-fulls of minced garlic. It is all done about the same time. Layer cous cous and spinach, arrange SW "chick'n" and serve. Yum! Could've used a little bit of salt, but considering how much energy I'd already expended, it was pretty darn good. As of now (10:37), Angelo is still not awake to experience this "masterpiece". 

I'm a member of the Tribe.net tribe "healthy food for lazy people", but don't actually follow it. :) Ha Ha! 

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