Tuesday, March 17, 2009

how your newborn is telling you what he/she needs

Was on FB with a friend and reminded me to post this really cool and important thing for new parents (or veterans who need help with their brand new, totally different baby). it was so helpful to us when we were trying to figure out what Angelo needed. there's a list of sound reflexes babies make that tell you what they need: ney = i'm hungry, owh = sleepy ; heh = change me; eh = burb me, eair = has gas I just used the list i got off of oprah.com (which used to list the pronunciations too, but doesn't now), but theres a whole program that teaches you how to hear it better. even just that list made a huge difference. so much so that I'd say "are you hungry" when Angelo said 'ney' and by 4 weeks, he was saying 'hungee'!!! My Mom heard it and was blown away. the program is here

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