Thursday, April 14, 2011

Books and Books and Books

Last week or so, I was doing yoga in our guest room/library and got very distracted by the disheveled, disorganized books. So, I thought I'd straighten up a couple shelves of books that Angelo had put away (after pulling all the books out and Mommy asking him to put them back. I guess even at 4 that is still fun.) A couple hours later I was finishing up re-organizing _all_ the shelves into nicer stacks and categories. In the middle of it, I was grumbling at myself for even starting it because Angelo woke up at some point and I really needed to get our usual day started. Fortunately, he managed to get fed (either by helping himself to something or Daddy helping him, I can't remember) and all was well. So pleased was I with the work, that I kept re-visiting it all day and now smile every time I walk in (which is fairly often since the door to the attic is in there.) Just about every magazine article or diy home design show you ever see that addresses shelves says to vary what's in the shelves for a more pleasing look. Until I decided to fully group my books, I just didn't see how that was going to happen; but it all came together... for the time being. Now, there's a pile of books that were in the attic waiting to be shelved, but at least it was a good start.

Another reason I'm sure I felt such a need to organize the books is that I had just bought some new art books. Though they won't be living in the library, I knew there were others elsewhere waiting to go in and 3 more books... well, I know it will be OK and how could I resist such lovelies at 50% off? Yes, I have a problem- one I'm just going to have to live with because I love books! :)

These new books I picked up... I thought I would save myself some angst and buy subjects I "knew I wouldn't get into for a while" because the attic is still not ready (but getting closer every day) and 2 books used materials I don't own and have vowed (at least for now ;) not to buy. If you know how I can get, losing sleep because of the ideas in my head, driving myself nuts, making things in my head before I can actually get to the project, you may already be laughing. Who was I kidding? I came up with ideas substituting materials I already own, and was nearly breathless with inspiration. Sounds dramatic, but really, I'm not kidding. Sometimes I wonder if I should name this blog, "I must make things". ;)

Here are the books that drove me nuts (in a good way, truly):

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