Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Angelo is helping to plant lettuce and carrots in the top picture. His sand toys served as gardening tools since ours are probably hiding in boxes in the basement. The organic potting soil and big pots are from our local hardware store. The rest of the pots are what we had around the house. By the way, if you are ever tempted to do mosaic tile work on your flower pots and use joint compound instead of grout, never let your husband put them out in the rain. Moving fatigue made me ignore the dangers and then it was too late. :( Oh well, it was really fun putting them together and the tiles are already broken, so maybe I'll find a new indoor project...
We came back from Blackstone Raid on Saturday and found lettuce sprouts!!! So exciting!! This is the first time I've planted anything in about 9 years and the first time I've ever planted lettuce. *satisfied grin* I opted for a container garden since our deck is so conveniently located off the kitchen and thought it would be easier than raised beds. All the work I'm putting into the attic means I wouldn't be able to do both in time. We have seeds for other plants, but this is our start. I am so pleased that I actually got seeds in dirt this year and did it early enough for lettuce! That's one more step to depending less on "the man". Whoo Hoo!


  1. super cool! I was going to try lettuce this year, too... I haven't started yet, though :(

    We do have tons of flowers growing, 4 tiny tomato plants have sprouted, and four sugar snap pea vines. hooray for gardening!

  2. Very nice! Mmmm... sugar snap peas! You probably still have time for lettuce. I forgot how fun it is to have food growing right outside your door! :)