Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gluten Free Shopping Around the Corner

I was trying to check out an Antique store that I pass all the time, but it was closed. I was disappointed, but I really don't need to be buying anything I don't have a place for. I was further soothed when I looked across the street and saw the sign for Eden's Market.
Honestly, this is the sign I saw first and that's what drew me in. When I got inside, the man behind the counter told me the whole store was gluten free and were run by a group dedicated to educating the public about Celiac's disease. I told him I was gluten free due to an allergy to gluten (secondary to Hashimoto's) and he seemed to think that even though I didn't have digestion issues, my symptoms still pointed to Celiac's disease and he gave me a lot of literature to read. Apparently, left untreated, Celiac's can lead to Hashimoto's... so, which came first, the chicken or the egg if I do in fact have Celieac's disease? I really don't think it matters to me personally since I'm already gluten-free, but it makes me wonder. (Having Hashimoto's disease makes it more likely you'll develop an intolerance/allergy to gluten and both Hashimoto's and Celiac's have similar symptoms.) Anyway, it's really awesome that this store is about 3 minutes from here and I don't have to search labels for gluten. Goitrogens and meat, sure, but not gluten. :) And, they have organic cheese that doesn't come in slice or shredded form. Not that those are terrible, I have just missed the economic block of organic cheese. :)

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