Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creatures and Monsters

Remember when I told you I would tell you what we did with Angelo's dried out play dough? That time is now. :) Though I tried to be diligent about asking Angelo to put his play dough away when he was finished playing with it and put it away myself at times, the inevitable happened and we ended up with lumps of crusty play dough. Inspiration hit after our wonderful friend got Angelo the Melissa and Doug "Decorate Your Own Wooden Airplane" and we were left with this wonderful box. Some googly eyes, glitter glue and Aleene's Tacky Glue later and we have a creature-scape. I had fancy dreams of adding a background, but that may never happen and I've accepted it. ;)

Angelo and I went to Handmade Arcade and really enjoyed ourselves. There's something really peaceful and inspiring about being around that many hand made pieces and the artists who made them. We especially loved the monsters! This one is at the Friend or Foe booth (sorry, there's no website listed for them).
This cute little guy by Cutesy but not Cutesy came home with us as an "Easter basket" present. Angelo insisted I hide it until he got his basket so it could be a surprise. This color combination, I've decided, is one of my favorite.
We were so excited by the monsters, that we decided to make our own. This one is made from craft felt and buttons (from a craft kit my sister-in-law got Angelo), stuffed with poly-fill. His name is Fred. We used glue to attach the facial features so Angelo could participate more and he helped a lot with the cutting and stuffing.

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