Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Attic Progress

Another couple of weekends, a few nap times and morning sleep times later and here is how I've progressed on the attic. DH helped me move the rest of the boxes over to the other side and then painted the trim and ceiling for me while I was out at the Social Hafla. (oh, and he did the priming too...) Yay!

As you can tell, lighting is an issue here, so that's something we're working on. (I had to play with the exposure so you could see what I was photographing in most of these.)
The shelves are behind the boxes on the right.

I couldn't wait to put the sewing table back up, so had to get a strange angle on this one too. The details around the windows are influenced by paintings in the chapter "The Rural Dwelling" in "Indian Style", Henna patterns and some lovely decorations in "Enchanted Adornments". This last window ended up being more Fey-like and less Henna like. :) (Partly due to the wondrous nature of Enchanted Adornments and partly because of Spring, I believe.)

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