Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pancakes and Pizza

This could also be called "we made creepy looking food". :) But, we both had fun. Making faces on food is probably great for all kids. Angelo requested a face for the pancakes- George used blueberries, but we only had blackberries. We made gluten-free pancakes, which turned out to be more crepe-like (if crepes are heavier and thinner, I don't know.)

Zombie pancake.
Monster pancake (berry juice poured in randomly).
The only recipe here is for the pizza sauce- one can tomato paste, one can tomato sauce, Italian herbs, garlic powder, and mix it up. We have left over sauce for pizza bread later. The crust is Glutino (gluten-free, of course) frozen crust. This is not exactly made from scratch, but we did have our hands in it. :)
Mushrooms for facial features.

I love Angelo's Cyclopes! :)

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