Sunday, July 24, 2011

Altered Book Beginnings

I thought it would be fun to teach Angelo how to make altered books.  He listened carefully while I explained that we only do this to books Mommy says it's ok to alter and repeated it back. :)  He was very interested in putting on the coat of white paint after I removed the excess pages. But, I think I had too much of a plan.  He wasn't all that interested in doing the crayon resist.  Mine is shown with crayon doodles and a water color wash over top.  We did do some more work on the book this week, though, and I'm happy about having one place to keep some of his artwork.  

Speaking of kids and art, I was excited to find out about BIG magazine (saw this post here first) and Create With Me.  I'll have to check them out.  Has anyone else out there seen these?  What do you think?

I'm also excited about some kid/parent art classes over at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts!  Ceramics, jewelry making, finger knitting.  I'm considering some classes for myself too.  Looks like we'll have plenty to do in the Fall! :)


  1. i need to do this with my kids. Create With Me is cool! looking forward to the next issue.
    happy sunday

  2. Hi Lisa! I went ahead and picked up a copy of CWM. It _is_ cool! Not quite to the end of it, but I like it! :) Would love to see the results when you and your kids start some altered books! :)