Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Pirate Adventure

We went to the Dora's Pirate Adventures show at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum.

First, the play area was open with dress up and pirate hat making... no picture of the hat, but he's worn it on other occasions.

We found some "booty" on the side of the road.  Really cool old trunks. Not sure where they're going to go, but couldn't pass them up.  As the sign says, the price was right.
Waiting for the show with a proper hat.  Went back to walk the doggie in between play time and show time.  (First show was sold out.)

We've read the Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon and the research guide, an informative pop-up "I wish I could be a Pirate" book, this Pirates book (at least a good bit of it. It's long.) and The Night Pirates(which we just adore!  Thank you, Joanna and Bella!) We also have several dress up pirate options at home.  So, going to this show was a natural following.  :)

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