Friday, July 8, 2011

Visits to the Naturopath

I went to the Naturopath here in our neighborhood.  Before the first visit, it took about 2 hours to fill out the paperwork.  The process was actually really cathartic- like a therapy session that allowed me to tell my entire story regarding my physical, emotional and spiritual self.

After the free 30 minute consultation, I was feeling hopeful that some of my current issues would be resolved more thoroughly than I anticipated and at the same time a little concerned that I would have to radically change my diet again and only be able to eat rice.   (Not the case regarding the second, fortunately.)

It was one of those "block out 3 hours for the evaluation" and it took 4 things.  That's not a bad thing, though.  IMO, a much better approach than checking in with someone who has allotted 3 minutes for you and rushes to prescribe a pill or surgery.

After the seemingly magical evaluation that involved a computer, an electric probe, and accupressure points on my hand, I was surprised to find out some of the things I was sensitive and reacting to- cats, formaldehyde (hello anatomy and neurology lab- you were more than just creepy!), carragean.  At the same time, I was not really surprised since many of the things I already knew I reacted to and avoided-mold/dust, gluten. Or things I cut out just because I knew they were "bad"- msg, aspartame.  Now I know they are specifically "bad" for me.

After a chiropractic evaluation and adjustment, some manual accupressure point checks, lots of questions regarding my whole self, he came up with a plan that I can really get on board with.  One thing I was really impressed with was the homeopathic remedy he prescribed.  The profile described me to a T.  Very interesting, a little spooky and very confidence-building.

Though kind of overwhelming, I'm glad this route addresses the root cause of the issues and not just the symptoms or a disease.  And that the solutions don't come with a list of crazy side-effects.

Hmm... and I thought I was going in for a detoxifying foot bath...

Has anyone else had experience seeing a Naturopath?  I'd be really interested in hearing about your process.


  1. I was reading your post and thinking that my experience was nothing like yours. I just filled out a very lengthy form and he didn't do much at all. He gave me some outrageously expensive supplements (a couple hundred dollars a month) and that was it.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear it, Birdie. :( Do you have someone else in your area you can check out? Maybe see if there are some online reviews on her/him? I do have some supplements, but it is part of a system of support before detox treatments. If you check out the link, he has a good lengthy explanation of a 5 phase plan. Maybe you could ask the next person if they have anything like that or what their evaluations are like.